3M Food Safety proudly presents a global educational webinar series in collaboration with a highly respected, long time Food Safety Industry Expert, Dr. Ann Draughon, on Environmental Monitoring and Sampling (EMS) Programs.

These webinars will cover:
• The purposes of Environmental Monitoring & Sampling Programs
• The key types of microorganisms used in EMS programs
• Detecting and Monitoring Hazards, Environmental Testing of Pathogens
• Allergen EMS Programs and Training
• Developing an Effective Environmental Monitoring, Sampling and Testing Program
• The use of a Zone Sampling Strategy
• The selection of specific types of assays for EMS Programs and the Characteristics/ Validation of those assays
• Logical and Systematic Use of EMS Program Data to Reduce Risk

3M Food Safety's Environmental Monitoring & Sampling Webinars will cover key information that management needs to know concerning cleanliness and sanitation of the facility and factors that can impact safety of their product.


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